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QuickHP Homepage Administrator

This web based homepage administrator lets you keep your homepage in order

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Hello World!

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weiter so !

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  • 2002/05/23
  • Version 0.3 of QuickHP released.

What is QuickHP?

QuickHP is a kind of content management system with a (hopefully) new approach. Those were the requirements I had in mind when I started to work on QuickHP:
  • It had to be usable with only a browser,
  • it had to be based on XML to keep the source files in the most compatible format,
  • it had to use XSL to allow several different output formats,
  • it had to provide a solution to the problem that XML files cannot have dynamic content (PHP code, DB backend etc.),
  • it had to give me the most possible freedom while I manage my homepage with it,
  • it had to make it easy for me to create valid HTML.
With the latest release, QuickHP fulfills all of the above requirements. Just take a look at the page you are currently looking at: The HTML is valid, you can switch to another layout of the same content by clicking on 'Text version' above, and yet there is the 'Shoutbox' on the right side which shows dynamic content from a database. This is what QuickHP can do for you. (Note: The Reason why there is no shoutbox on the text version of this document is that something like a shoutbox should not be on a printer friendly page in my opinion). QuickHP is licensed under the GPL, that means it is free.

More information

To get a better idea of the installation and the technical skills required for setting QuickHP up, you should take a look at the README file. There is also a CHANGELOG.


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Did QuickHP make you happy?

Was QuickHP what you were looking for? Did the sourcecode of QuickHP help you improving your PHP skills? Maybe you even earn money from using QuickHP, who knows?
If you take a moment to think about it, you might remember that you paid exactly nothing for my software. Well, if I made you happy with my software, maybe you wish to make me happy too - with a present. If you do so, then visit my wishlist at, and buy something for me - this would REALLY make me happy :-)

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